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Wednesday, 16 May 2007 16:38
DURAline Student   

The LC-system DURAline "Student" is designed to be a manual controlled, low-budget but solid high performance LC system. It consists of:

  • a tableau with manual Rheodyne injector (with start contact), stand for 2 solvent bottles, holder for 6 columns and syringe
  • an isocratic HPLC pump 0202 (microanalytical, analytical or semiprep flow range)
  • a variable wavelength detector (VWD) with 1 channel
  • a starter kit with security solvent bottle and waste container, fittings and tubings
Each system is available as stainless steel or PEEK version, for every flow range (microanalytical, analytical or semiprep flow).


Clarity Chromatograpy  software


Datasheet (View / Download )