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Sunday, 29 April 2007 15:22

Peak MonitorThe PeakMonitor enables to collect specific peaks (fractions) out of a chromatographical separation. A small bench-top-device monitors the analog-signal of a HPLC-detector, identifies peaks automatically and sorts them according to a given time-table. The output of the flow-cell is connected to a 2-way-valve which selects the flow between waste and fraction.
An 8-way-distribution-valve connected to the fraction-channel allows the collection of up to 8 different components. Parts, which are wetted by the liquids, are made of PTFE, Tefzel or KelF and let the system be inert, bio-compatible and resistent against aggressive media.

In the PeakMonitor device up to 10 different methods can be stored. Every method contains all necessary parameters for a fraction-sequence. Parameters are total runtime of a chromatogram, number of runs, beginning and end of time-periods for signal-observation as well as thresholds for peak-detection. The dead-volume between detector and 2-way-valve as well as to the  8-way-distribution-valve can be compensated by adjustable delay-times for peak-begin and peak-end. 

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