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Monday, 16 April 2007 19:03

thermocolumnselectorsmallThis combination between column selector and column thermostat allows to control different columns at a selected temperature simultaneously. It gives the Chromatography-user the best opportunity for method development and automation of sample sequences. One part of the device is a motor-driven selector with which one of six columns in the liquid stream can be chosen. The other part is the case with thermal insulationin which the columns are heated or cooled to a constant temperature (5..85°C), which can be selected by a hand-held controller.

The columns are connected to two high-pressure-valves, which are also integrated within the thermostatted volume. For easy integration into a complete HPLC-system an I/O-port makes the external selection of a column or solvent possible, and the control is made by contact closures or TTL-pulses. As an option, a BCD-control-board can be included to adapt the device to a HPLC-systems with only 4 timed events, e.g. Agilent 1100 or WATERS Alliance.

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