Service and Support
  • Repair service

    We are able to repair HPLC devices (pumps, detectors, autosamplers,...) from DURATEC and other OEM's, as well as liquid handling devices (syringe drives, valve drives, fraction collectors,...) and photometers.

  • Maintenance

    We suggest preventive maintenance for all devices  with mechanical components (pumps, syringe drives, valve drives,...)  on regular base (normally once per year).

  • Calibrations

    Measurement devices have to be (re-)calibrated once per year. We offer this service for liquid handling components (diluters, dispensers, flowmeter), gas flow meters and simple devices like stopwatches, thermometers and so on.

  • Validations

    We validate your complete LC or GC systems (NIST traceable). Alternatively we offer a simple to use validation kit.

  • Custom tailored developments

    We develop hard- and software for automation purpose in the field of laboratory and technical applications. This includes the conception, development and realization of the custom specific requirement. Here you will find some samples of implemented solutions.